Thank you for your support over the past year.


Because of you Israel's nature is better protected than before, its wonders have been revealed to more children and it has become more accessible to Israelis and tourists from around the world. 


The year in numbers: 

  • ~ 37,000 households in Israel are members of SPNI

  • ~ 900,000 individuals hiked with us

  • ~ 600 children participated in our summer camps

  • ~ 35,000 school students participated in our environmental education programs

  • ~ 20,000 hikers took part in our ‘Urban Nature Week’

  • ~ 40,000 hikers participated in our ‘Winter Nature Conservation’ events

  • ~ 100,000 internet users liked us on Facebook

  • ~ 700 followed us on Instagram

  • ~ 12,000 people receive our weekly e-newsletters

2018: Key Achievements

• Promoting the Environmental Hazards Law: Passed by Israel’s government at the end of 2018, this important law allows civil suits to be filed if natural habitats and species of plants and animals are damaged by polluters or through industrial malpractice. 

• After a decade of campaigning, the government approved a plan to invest over NIS 80 million to improve the state of seven of Israel’s northern rivers.

• A public campaign led to the cancelling of planned wind turbines on Mt Peres, home to endangered vulture species. SPNI also published an in-depth report presenting a route to reducing Israel’s carbon emissions by placing solar panels on roof tops rather than investing in wind energy or building solar farms.

• An agreement with the Ministries of Energy and Environmental Protection for a public body (rather than a governmental or private one) will monitor activities at the Leviathan Drilling Rig. This will improve transparency and raise operating standards.

• Successfully campaigned to prevent construction of a hotel in the Sasgon Valley near Eilat. The hotel will instead be built in the nearby Park Timna region.

• 15 urban nature surveys were carried out in Israel, including within Israeli-Arab areas and in the socio-economic periphery.

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