About SPNI

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel prepares the conservation curriculum for mainstream schools. Hundreds of thousands of students learn our values. We engage minorities including Israeli Arabs, Haredim (Ultra-Orthodox Jews) and Bedouin.


Over 90% of Israelis live in increasingly crowded cities. Our give community branches work on local issues.  They improve residents’ the quality of life by promoting sustainable urban development, leading local campaigns and building community gardens. These activities make Israel’s growing cities better places to live.


Israel’s largest team of independent environmental experts work at SPNI. They provide expertise and leadership on dozens of issues. At once. Major priorities include mitigating the impact of climate change, restoring water to nature, promoting clean energy, stopping invasive species and protecting endangered creatures and habitats.


Your support makes nature accessible to all. By blazing and maintaining thousands of miles of hiking trials including the world famous Israel National Trail. Our network of field schools host hundreds of thousands of visitors to nature each year.

SPNI promotes sustainable development. Our philosophy is to preserve Israel’s biodiversity, natural spaces and biblical landscapes. While accepting development is also necessary.


We all have a responsibility to protect nature. Healthy nature is crucial to civilization’s survival. Without clean air, water and food there is nothing. Without nature, our lives have no color.


In the words of Azaria Alon, SPNI’s co-founders and the Israeli equivalent of Sir David Attenborough, “I am not concerned with nature; it is humans that I am concerned with. How can a man live without birds, butterflies and flowers?”

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